Research & Development

“Quality Product Innovation” is our axiom. Upheld by a committed best in class R and D facility, Organica Aromatics presents its products with exquisite demonstrable skill, on time, inevitably.

Organica Aromatics has set up a cutting edge R and D office of global principles for conducting a wide range of experimental processes like Friedel Crafts acylation, Grignard reaction, Jones oxidation, Swern oxidation, high pressure hydrogenation and high vacuum distillations. We have a solid engineered group of researchers who has got skill in numerous multi-step synthesis. Organica Aromatics has an astounding expository analytical backup which fulfil the needs of the synthetic chemistry platform.

The advanced R and D innovation centre at Organica Aromatics is a valuable advantage for the organization. Backed up by an energetic and skilled research group, the organization continually endeavours to refresh its innovative framework. To maximise the impact, our research systems has been coherent with the novel technologies which updated in technological market on routine basis. The R and D group uses creative innovative measures to create hand crafted procedures and products for the makers of flavours and fragrances. Olfactory assessment assumes a key part in deciding the marketability of aroma products and state of art olfactory testing offices are accessible at the organization’s research premises.

By complying new green advancements which are updated day to day basis and supported by the safety norms that complies with the international standards, Organica Aromatics have a record of commercialising several products in short time frame scale. The company has easily accessible, step-by-step, and concise guidelines for industrial process scale-up. Utilization of the most recent innovation and standard testing strategies at each phase of process guarantees the consistency of the cGMP norms.

With the help of process guidelines laid by our research experts, we are able to minimise the mechanical encounters and practices, which minimize the dangers of business scale execution of new procedures to adequate levels and lessens cost and time of process development. This accomplishment has urged it’s promoters to stretch out liberal help to the organization’s exploration activities.

Organica Aromatics has a sound confidence in the uniqueness of its items and guarantees that they are prepared with incredible care at all stages, initiating from its raw material to the finished product.