About Us

Organica Aromatics Pvt. Ltd, founded in 1999, is an affiliate company of US based Sabinsa Corporation and India based Sami Labs Limited. Organica Aromatics is a company dedicated to serve the requirements of the Flavour and Fragrance industry by developing high quality aromatic chemicals and perfumery compounds and marking its presence in national and international markets.

Ministry of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India recognized the efforts of the R&D Division of Organica Aromatics in the year 2002.

Our Story

From the times immemorial, fragrances have appealed to people all over the world. A royal prerogative in the past, perfumery products have now gained general popularity as an integral component of personal grooming. Historically, aromas were prepared from natural materials. To stem the continuous depletion of natural resources, innovations in chemistry have provided a range of compounded aromas to supplement nature’s bounty. These were developed through critical analysis of the active components in natural materials followed by their preparation through synthetic routes, paving the way to the creation of several synthetic fragrance chemicals and opening up new avenues for entrepreneurs in the field of aroma chemicals.

Organica Aromatics, the brain child of an enterprising visionary Dr. Muhammed Majeed, is not just another manufacturer of aromatic chemicals – it provides the core to satisfy your pursuit for creative excellence.

Creations May Demand

  • The innate desire for divine peac
  • The strong whiff of passion
  • The exotic notes of nature
  • The subtle nuance of royal exuberance
  • The delicate scent of native florals